Salutations from Sacramento


Hello everyone.
I am a God loving Christian, family man who enjoys making knives. My father gave me my first knife when I was 6 years old, (Camp King folder) and my journey into sharps began. Bought an old beat up used Randall as a teen and thought I could make knives for less than I can buy them. Realized I knew nothing after trying to make knives in my dad's garage so I went to something called a Library. There were no books about knife making so I read about blacksmithing so I could learn to create good steel for knife Blades. A couple decades later I learned everybody's cousin is a knife maker on you tube and that all the stuff I read I that Library is now a click away.

I hammer forge carbon steels and like working with Antler handles in the style of the late great William Wales Scagel.
I forge my Blades to shape using charcoal forge, Anneal overnight in ash, normalize in still air and edge quench for a differential heat treated Blade, and double temper. I guess I'm know for my stacked handle knives with handles of leather and colored spacers and Antler butt.
If you want to know about me or what I like just ask.





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Welcome to the Pound!
Some very nice Scagel styled knives! We have makers of all stripes around here. Relax, look around, open a favorite beverage and enjoy!.