Recurve Fighter w/Hamon


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Hey guys here is my latest knife. Please let me know what y'all think, as I'm always open for critiques or discussion about the build! :D

-W2 white vinegar etched Hamon
-Ironwood burl handle
-416 guard, spacers and pin
-Vintage Linen micarta spacers
-Leather w/Deerskin liner and simple tooling



Coop did an amazing job! these are my first "pro shots" and I couldn't be happier.

and a youtube video....

kevin - the professor

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sweet! I really like the blade shape, the fit and finish, and that hamon.
I would have been proud to have made that myself (assuming I could.)

Justin Presson

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I to have been following on IG and have enjoyed it. You have developed quite the talent for this style of knife, nice work!

wall e

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I like how the hamon really pops out on the blade.
Am always a sucker for burl handles and different colored spacer combos. Looking like you have this down to an art.


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Awesome work! You did good, very good. The vintage micarta spacers are a very nice touch.