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At what rpm are hyd pumps rated?

1f your pump is rated at 16 gpm at what rpm is that rated at? 1725 or 3450
1800 RPM is the standard speed for rating them. (a 1725 RPM motor is an 1800 RPM motor by design. the nameplate says 1725 because in reality, that's what you actually get with magnetic "slip" factored in. But there is zero difference between two motors labeled 1725 or 1800 RPM.)

So, to be less confusing, 1800 is the "standard" speed of a motor. A 3450 RPM (3600 by design) motor is considered to be running at twice "standard speed".
Thanks john. It's been very confusing to me on how to rate a motor. I wonder why some people run a 3450 on their presses.
Would that double their gpm output?
I wonder why some people run a 3450 on their presses.
Speed of the ram.
I learned this the hard way.....on my old press, I had an 11.5GPM pump, powered by a 5hp/3450rpm motor....which moved the ram approx. 1" per second. That motor burned out, and not knowing any better, I replaced it with a 1725 RPM motor....... that slowed the ram speed down to an inch every 4-5 seconds.....PAINFULLY slow compared to what I was used to. In a very short time I went back to a 3450 RPM motor, and the ram speed was back to approx. 1" per second.

The vast majority of folks I know, who own/use a forging press, have 3450rpm motors on them.

With the press I have now (Orange Crush), I don't have to worry about electric motors. The power unit for Orange Crush is a 4 cly Kubota diesel, with the pump connected to the flywheel. :)
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