Problem with my grinder.


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I have had a Pheer 454 grinder for about two years now and I love it. Lately, however, it has developed a problem that I don't know how to fix and I'm looking for some suggestions. This grinder runs smooth and quiet but lately It has developed a "wobble" in the belt. Before the belt, any belt, would run exactly parallel to the platen but now it has developed a slight side-to-side wobble of something less than 1/8", probably more like 1/16". So what that means is that the belt runs parallel with the platen and then runs 1/16' inside the platen and the parallel again in very rapid succession back and forth. Any body ever experienced this or have a suggestion about how to fix it. Something is just slightly out of adjustment but I don't know what it is. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you,


Frank Niro

I believe that your belt tension has changed. Replace the spring or piston and I think you will be home again.


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Just shim the spring for a quick test. I made upper and lower spring bosses for my 454 and moved the spring more forward of the tracking wheel for even more tension. You can also add big washers under the bosses to adjust for more tension if necessary. Also I put an extension handle lever on the spring arm to help overcome all that tension. All pretty quick and easy mods that pay off IMHO.

I guess it's possible you could have a bearing going wonky, any abnormal noise?
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1st thought: Belts..... every now that then I get belts in that were just not cut correctly, and get the issue you mentioned out of them.

2nd thought: As Frank mentioned..... belt tension. jaxxas's advice is what I'd try to see if that's the issue.

3rd thought: Idler or attachment bearing issue.

Final thought: Check the runout on the drive wheel.....and the keyway screw...... in the past I've had drive wheels loosen just enough to have excess runout and cause the belts to wobble. Solution: Re-position/replace the drive wheel, and red loctite the keyway screw.


First I would call Jose and ask him about. Since he made it he probably has a good answer for you, without your having to reinvent the wheel.

Raymond Richard

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I've had pretty good results by running several layers of black electrical tape down the center of the idler wheel which gives the wheel a little more crown and helps remove the wobble.

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Try changing to a completely different new belt and brand/type.
try reversing the direction of the belt. That really shouldn't work but I've seen it work occasionally.
tighter belt tension reduces wobble for sure.
After checking the belts and tension, look for a wheel out of alignment.