Prices paid for wrought?

I'm wondering what would be considered a good price for wagon wheel rims. What do you guys pay for something like this, assuming you ever find them for sale?
I don't know what they are worth, but make sure that you are getting Wrought iron and not cast wagon wheels, I have some of both, thought they all would be wrought, but they are not.
If they are wrought. The ones I have bought on the past were about 1/2" thick by 1.5" wide, I paid $7.00 a foot. I felt that was fair priced.
Most of the wrought iron I have used has been given to me. Bought some anchor chain from Indian George and just paid scrap prices for it. $7.00 a foot sounds a little high to me but not bad.

The plain iron wagon wheels as far as I know are not cast. I used quite a few of the iron wheels especially when I need to do a lot of forging say for an S guard. They forge real good and don't fall apart like the wrought iron will if you not careful.
I think it depends where you live. There isn't allot of WI around here. I try and buy all I can. Besides its your fault Ray. Your knives have been an inspiration in my knife making.
Bossdog has it in round as well as 2x12x1/4 flat. over 100 yrs old . Rusty sure, but etches nice.