Pin finish question

Dennis Morland

Any tips are appreciated. How would you finish this pin?

This is the opposite side pin. I sanded it and epoxied it into the handle flush to the scales. Easy peasy.


This is the other side of the same pin. I do not want to ruin the textured scale. How would you guys attempt to finish this pin?


If it matters the scale is a textured g10/micarta.

Thanks for the help.

take 2 layers of masking tape and punch or drill hole in it same size as pin. Cover handle material with tape leaving pin material exposed. Finish pin to what you want. I've taken cratex wheels or rod in dremel and polished pin .
That is great advice. Masking tape with a hole. I can do that. Thank you!!
I misunderstood. I thought you wanted to keep the texture that was on the pins and was just giving my opinion saying I would sand them to smooth. Tape should definitely do the trick.

Other options for "next time", maybe consider hidden pins? That way you don't have to even risk the texture of the scales.
A little late on my reply but here goes. One could always carefully drill a shallow small starter hole to us as a center for a countersink bit and then carefully counter sink until just below (barely) micarta. The pin would be recessed with an inverted cone shape.