pilot knife date

Mike k

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Hi, I read some place and forgot to write it down, the pilot survival knife used in Viet name can be time placed by where the maker mark is. First it was on the blade and then then the pommel. Does anybody know there periods. Another question I can't find the answer to is in the top gillion of the guard are 2 hole next to each other why thanks Mike

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The holes as I understand it are to aid in tying the knife to a stick to make a a spear. As far as I know, the only way to date Camillus knives is that over the years they changed the ways the stamped their name. There is a website that illustrates it. But I can't find it right now.
thanks, I got the knife cleaned up, didn't have to do much. Next to sharps it. Its got an edge on it but is a rough one feels like it was done on a course stone