Pattern making- layout tips Post yours here

Mark Behnke

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Doing my first frame handle and made a paper pattern but when transfered to steel it seems crude.
I use dye chem and a scribe so I enjoy trying to be very accurate ( a couple thous.) as this grows or shrinks as I work.

Constantly reestablishing center line and other reference points is very time consuming.

Maybe a very accurate metal pattern?

Any tips techniques to set up repeat milling, cutting, grinding, heat treating, or other processes in our craft.


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I take the paper and transfer it to Plexiglass. You can put the Plexiglass over the paper and trace. This way you can clamp the template to the metal and scribe without fear of it shifting.


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If you use a metal template, put the template over your steel and stick a magnet on top to stick it all together.


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I use some translucent material that quilters use for tracing patterns. Not sure what it is called. It can be found at any hobby store like Hobby Lobby. You can cut it with a good pair of scissors. When applied to the steel it traces very easily.

Frank Niro

I use Formica or a similar product. I have been able to get it for free - scraps - from cabinet making shops. Frank

Mark Behnke

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Lots of choices, thanks for the tips, I like the magnet idea i'll try that today.

Thanks Mark

Feel free to post any other lay out tips or tricks


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I use heavy duty, card stock for my patterns. Plexiglass is also a good idea that I saw. If you want to do a metal pattern make sure it is a super hard pattern. That way if you wanted it to be exact you can grind up to the pattern and not mess up the pattern much.


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What few patterns I have are cut out of file folders. I then put them on the bar of steel covered with Dykem and trace it out with a scribe. Not worried about how crude it is. I've never made two of the same knives even when using these templates. They're really just a guideline to get started.

Diamond G Knives

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Anyone ever glue their heavy paper template to the steel them band saw?
Ive been doing this on my stock removal blades and it works for me.

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