Ouch !


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Just a safety reminder,we usually get hurt doing a mundane task.Yesterday out in my shop I was opening a box of wielding rod.It was a new box and one of the plastic hard to open boxes.They put a thin clear tape over the seam and it's a pain to get off.While holding the box with my left hand I was trying to get the blade of my pocket knife under the tape and I applied to much force and drove my knife about a inch and a half into my left hand.Bled like a stuck pig and the shop looked like a murder scene.Applied lots of pressure and made sure my thumb and fingers all worked and had feeling.Elevated with pressure for about 20 min after cleaning then super glued it shut.I'm so thankful I didn't hit a tendon ! It was a good reminder to slow down !


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Ouch is right, hope that knife was clean. I did the same thing one time with a screwdriver, was trying to start a phillips head screw into some plastic i was holding with my left hand. Slipped and drove that screwdriver into the web between my thumb and pointer finger about an inch. It hurt for a few days but not as bad as i thought it was going to. Hope yours is the same.


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Glad you didn't damage any tendons. I think Rhinoknives asked it in another post, but have you had a tetanus shot lately? I should have got one when I started working with metal but it just didn't cross my mind, until I cut my finger/tendon on a band saw. The first thing they did in the ER was ask me when I last had a tetanus shot. I had no idea so they gave me one right then, before even stitching me up.


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I HATE when that happens! :biggrin:.

Glad there was no tendon or nerve damage. This is a reminder for all that you need to make sure you have had a Tetanus shot! For you guys just starting that may be low on funds etc?? Don't screw around! Sell what you have to a get a shot. This is what can happen!Tetnusg.jpeg


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Seems to be doing ok,was swollen for a couple days but that's gone,no pain or redness ,the back of my thumb was a little numb yesterday but it's ok now.