Official KITH knife photo thread

Thanks for the extra time I will need it was going to drop out when my blade came back from being heat treated I could have sworn that I had gotten all the scratches out. This will give me the time I need to hand sand it again.
Ok, it looks like I'm going to have to send the picture of my knife to Delbert and take him up on his offer to post it computer smash 1 Just in case this #@&*% computer won't let me attach the photo to a email to him and clicking on the verbage where the thumbnail should be on my post doesn't work, go to the photo gallery and click on my post of 06/16 titled "Yes, I actually do make knives" the picture of my KITH knife does appear there.2guns When I checked, it was back on page three. It really kind of ticks me off that I've sent messages to both Photobucket and Imageshack and so far I have hear zich, zero, nutt'n about this problem. So much for customer service.

Doug Lester:mad:
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I can't remember who it was, but someone wrote "It takes two men to make a knife... one to make it, one to tell him when he's done." Or something like that ;)
I finally got time to finish the sheath this morning.
I believe this package will make somebody a nice user. The ATS 34 took a great edge.



Guys I gonna be on a road job out of town for two weeks and probably won't be neer a computer.( I don't own a laptop) so I am gonna have the o'l lady check my inbox while i'm gone and she can relay to me the address of who i'm to send it to (found some spots on the blade that need to be cleaned up so i'm taking it with me). And I'll mail it from there.
Well here's my offering for KITH. It's a tactical knife with a skullcrusher I started a while ago. You know, the knife you don't finish cuz you kinda want to keep it around.

Steel: 1095
OAL: 10.1875
Blade: 5.625
Handle: Black Canvas Micarta
Pins: Copper
Sheath: Kydex

So I am ready to ship out as soon as I get a mailing label. Hope whoever gets it likes it. This has been fun and I really can't wait to get a new knife from one of y'all. KnifeDogs ROCKS!



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I am going to have to bow out on this one. Too much has been going on the past few weeks. Sorry, I was really looking forward to this one.
Finished. Loveless style hunter and sheath.

First leather sheath.
Knife #6 for me.

Aldos 1084


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My KITH knife

Lets see if this new format helps posting pictures. This is my first attempt at a Hudson Bay trade knife. It has an OAL of 10" with a blade length of 5.75". It is 1.5 inches at it widest. The handle is of African Blackwood with brass washers and copper rivits.Untitled - 1.jpg


Oh no!! The computer grimlins have struck again.:sad: I swear (and quite vociferously too) that there was a thumbnail where the highlighted letters are now when I first posted this. ARG!!!:mad:
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Alot of good looking knives. When will we end this, I can't stand it much more.

Okay, guys-

My knife is done, but this is MOVING WEEK. So I'm not sure what the computer access possibilities will be like after wednesday night. I get email to my phone, though, and I'll have the knife with me ready to send.

So, if I'm not able to get to the forums- email me directly at or and I'll get to a computer and get onto whichever thread I need to -- the local VFW in Fallon, NV, has a computer available.
I'm really gettin excited, gents. I'm having some web/puter issues of my own, but if worse comes to worst I'll go to the library or a friend's house on the 30th and find out where to send my knife.

Time for that one last go-over, oil this puppy up and get her ready to send off to some lucky (?) Dog :D