New Knife Making TV show on History Channel this fall....

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The following is a press release I have cut and pasted from History channel.
No dates yet on when this will air. I suspect this fall some time.
It is set up similar to an elimination cooking show format and no doubt there will be some time constraints and other stress inducers thrown in to help stir the pot. It should be an fun show for us knife makers. You will know some of the builders on the show.

We sold them a wide variety of materials for this show so I know there will be a wide selection for the makers to use for their builds. We should see some interesting knives come out of this.

Thanks to J. Neilson for pointing the producers our way. Jay lists some of his knives for sale here. Buy them now before the prices go up if you are a collector.

When we get run times, we will post it here.


New Competition Series Coming to HISTORY this Summer

New York, April 27, 2015 – The most talented bladesmiths in the world will test their mettle in FORGED IN FIRE, a cutting-edge competition series coming to HISTORY this summer. Hosted by weapons expert Wil Willis, a former Army Ranger and decorated Air Force para-rescue specialist, the series will feature world-class bladesmiths recreating many of history’s most iconic edged weapons, from the Japanese katana to the medieval broadsword to ancient throwing blades like the Chakram. Production has started in Brooklyn, New York.

In each episode, four master bladesmiths will put their skills and reputations on the line, trying to avoid elimination while using traditional and state-of-the-art tools and machinery to turn raw metal into authentic working versions of classic bladed weapons of yesteryear. In the hands of these gifted craftsmen, every weapon is not just a lethal instrument of war, but also an elegant work of art. The colorful histories of these weapons will be told throughout the forging process. Then the weapons will be assessed and tested by a panel of internationally recognized judges.

Joining Willis will be a judging panel of renowned experts: J. Neilson, a Pennsylvania-based Mastersmith who has been making knives and edged weapons for more than 20 years; Doug Marcaida, a New York-based hand-to-hand combat specialist who has studied and mastered fighting styles and techniques around the world; and David Baker, a California-based authority known for replicating period-accurate weapons, from submachine guns to samurai swords, for both museums and films.

FORGED IN FIRE is produced for HISTORY by Outpost Entertainment, a Leftfield Entertainment company. Tim Healy and Steve Ascher are executive producers for HISTORY. Jodi Flynn, Brent Montgomery, David George, Shawn Witt and Simon Thomas are executive producers for Outpost Entertainment.
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This will be great PR for all Knifemakers. It will bring the art and function to the eyes of the public. Master Smith Neilson is a great person to represent the knife community on this this. As he's one of the foremost makers in the world.


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I've been looking forward to this. Thank you for posting the info. Since I don't have cable I'm hoping I can get episodes from amazon. I also hope this helps to put more of a positive view on knife making as a skilled art form instead of any negative views the general public may already have.


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Great news - I just checked and the wife does get the History channel. Maybe I'll get to watch it, or at least record it.

Ken H>


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If you guys start seeing the episodes appear on amazon or netflix or something, put it up here for those of us without cable. I can't wait to watch this!


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I'm on pins and needles; no, that's wrong. Anyway, finally there will be something to watch on TV.


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Very nice people . The program director emailed me to see if I wanted to make a Japanese sword on discovery channel .She was a real nice person and it was something I always wanted to do . However , I was and still am not feeling well.

Oh well maybe next time ? when I feel better . It would have been cool . I would have worn my knife Dogs hat and my traditional Japanese forging clothing , all white . Kind of looks like martial arts outfit .... I f you boys have an opportunity to participate in forging competition , do it .. the opportunity will not come along very often ...... Take care Bubba

You must take an on camera interview , show them your best products before you can be eligible to participate. I even went so far as buy camera and do interview .... then I got ill again ........
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Bubba-San - When I read about the show and Japanese I thought about you and how you would be perfect for the show. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling bad - just Pray you get better soon.

Ken H>


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thanks Ken , Are you are the one that sent me the original link ! I forgot who sent it . thanks for the prayer .... Bubba


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ken, I was going to make another one of these, except from Tamahagane. With a bamboo motif. I feel like hell because I can't participate . I may never get another chance ? If my body doesn't start acting right .

Although they told me I could compete at anytime , Just drop them an email . To those of you that will participate I wish you Good luck..... Bubba


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as long as chef Ramsey or Bear Grylis isn't involved it might be pretty good. :lol: