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I normally don't cross post all over the place but this one I am proud of.

When Sugar Creek exited heat treat ovens, it left a big gap for a quality made, entry level heat treat or high end tempering oven, which ever way you want look at it. I worked with Paragon owner John H to develop a quality heat treat oven that has analog temperature controls.

We made this oven with a 14"deep x 8" wide x 4" high chamber. This is going to do 95% of the blades getting made today. We used heavy gauge sheet metal wrapper powder coated in our handsome KD Orange.

This oven is priced at $660.

When we sold Sugar Creek ovens, we learned there were a three customer types buying these. The first was the part time knife maker on a budget. They wanted the flexibility to heat treat on their own but didn't want to drop a thousand bucks or more on higher end oven with digital controllers. This maker was OK spending a little time watching the temperature gauge to manage the temps and times needed.

The second most typical customer for Sugar Creek ovens was the maker that was putting out some mid or higher level production numbers. This oven was bought for tempering or as a backup or even as a second oven to get some bigger numbers moving through their shop.

The third typical customer was oddly, gun makers or small machine shop guys. These guys needed a low cost oven for the occasional part they needed to heat treat.

We think the size and features of this oven cover all three.

Here is some more information here: KnifeDogs Heat Treat Oven Thread

Here is a peek...


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That's pretty awesome Bossman. Any thoughts about adding one later that is a touch bigger?

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I will make a note of it. No immediate plans but something to look at if/when we expand the line.


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A nice option would be the ability to upgrade the controller to an automatic like the Orton, or Rampmaster. Is this possible with this one?

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A nice option would be the ability to upgrade the controller to an automatic like the Orton, or Rampmaster. Is this possible with this one?

that is already covered by both Paragon and Evenheat so I didn't design this to have that as an option.


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What is the maximum temperature? That is a great price. It could also be used for lost wax casting.

C Craft

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You got my interest!

Are there more pics available?
Why does it appear the door is only half a big as the unit?

I would like to see the inside.

I like it dang it now I got to start saving my pennies!:what!:
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Wow...nice unit at a nice price. Is there anything you guys are not into? I know you guys are into this to make money, but it feels like you're watching my back!