neck knife



This little neck knife is going to Afghanistan as a gift to a friend that volunteered to be there. We normally give friends headed in that direction a combat knife, but someone else took care of that by ordering a boot knife for him. This one is just for sharpening pencils and stuff. It is made of 1/16 inch thick CPM S30V, has a 3 inch blade and green linen micarta handles with stainless bolts.

From the shape, it could also be used to open the mail, packages, or unwanted visitors.
Looks good to me.
Harry the more I look at that knife the more I like. There is just something about it that just grabs you. Great job, I know the new owner will love it.
Very Handy looking.I know that blade profile is real good for control cuts,like peeling an apple,or sharpening pencils,whittling,etc. He'll love it!

except that it might be bit long in the blade, this is the custom fruit knife I've been looking for. Fruit knives on the market seemed a little feeble in case there was a need for extemporaneous conversion to personal security. Superb stuff.