military knives for active personnel?


Does anyone know what the max sizes the different branches of military require for carry currently. Had an Air Force guy ask about my trench bowie but it was too big...he said 10" max and 5" blade length for Air Force. would be fun to small one down but thought I'd ask y'all what the different branches require and go with the smallest (unless there is a huge disparity)
Welcome to the world of military rules and regulations. Each branch has its own rules and regulations based on mission and occupational specialities and locale. What might be authorized "in bad guy country" often wont fly in other countries or in the states.. Base/post comnanders also have lattitude in what they will allow. I dont know where the "air force "guy got his info however I do know the AF issued survival knife is 10.5 inches overall. He should check with the base/post military police for whats authorized on his installation. Also his unit may have authorization for knives other than issue.
I thought I had commented on this already, most units/installations have different regs, DOD/Branches have a basic regulation and commanders can authorize more specific SOP.