Little Vest Bowie- Koa and W2 w/ 'No Clay' hamon...

J. Doyle

Dealer - Purveyor
Got this standing order finished just barely in time for Christmas. :). Had a little trouble with the lighting on this one for some reason. Probably taking them at midnight last night. :D Hope the pics turn out okay though.

Hand forged from W2
11 3/8" overall, 6 1/2" blade, .230" thick at the ricasso
Full distal taper, clip is just a light stoning away from being sharp
Rounded spine and ricasso edge
Black g-10 guard and fittings
Stabilized Koa handle

All comments and discussion welcome.

The hamon was achieved with time/temp control of my salts with no clay used.

My hat is off to you photographers that can show the knife clearly and have a good image of the hamon in one image. I certainly can't. I can't even capture all the activity in the hamon in one image. Here's a couple pics of finishing the blade that show how much is really there.

John, awesome as usual. I don't know if it motivates me to get better or convinces me to just give up. :biggrin: I was dying leather last night at 11pm trying to get a set done before Christmas, you're not alone.

But, I do have a question about the G10. I've seen you use it before and it always appears to come out very black and very smooth. Are there different quality G10 products out there? I have sanded G10 to 2000 grit and even tried buffing it, but it never looks like that. It will be smooth and shiny, but you can see the fiberglass weave in it, sometimes on the edges it really looks bad. It's like you can see "into" the material, feels perfectly smooth though. I dislike the look of the weave in it so much, I don't even want to use it anymore. Tips? Ideas? Brands?
Awesome knife, I like the fileworked space. Hamons are hard to catch on camera but you sure can see the activity on the blade
Tthat is another great knife. I am becoming a big fan of your work. I make handles of similar shapes in my own work (not exactly the same, but similar). I love the hamon on that. That knife is just right. Not over-the-top, not too flashy, but absolutely top notch in terms of craft. That is what this is all about, for me. Again, great job!