Laddered W's, Desert Ironwood Burl and Stag Hunter


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Hi all this is one just finished. Forged 1084/15n20 laddered W's damascus blade. Sambar stag handle. Guard is stainless silver. Spacer is Desert Ironwood Burl, copper and black g10. This knife is through tang construction with nut covered by the Desert Ironwood Burl butt cap. Thanks to all for checking it out and let me know what you think.

Best Regards, Burton Harruff






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WOW !!! really , really , really nice job ! Love the whole package and I love the sheath too .. Great job .
Beautiful !!
One of the finest hunters around. Perfect package. Love the use of the wood and gorgeous sheath.
Just Right!
Most knives with this many pattern's are to much, As a maker If there is a intricate blade, I like the handle toned down a bit, As well as the other way around.

Just like Goldie said! This one is Just right!

Excellent work!

You the man!!! I am extremely jealous. Well maybe envious of your talent would be a better description. Keep on keeping on!
Thanks everyone for the kind words. I really like how this one turned out. I am very appreciative of the positive responses as they are the best motivators. -Burton