KGA Shop Tour

mike miller

All you guys are cordially invited down: Ray Kirk
Sent: Friday, September 06, 2013 5:14 PM
To: Ray Kirk
Subject: Fall KGA shop tour 2013

The details for the agenda of the fall shop tour of the Knife Group Association have been finalized.
Time: Oct. 12, 2013, 10:00 AM till around 4:00 PM, Place: 4008 N Redmond Ave., Bethany, OK 65803. Roy Millers Transmission shop.


The most important part of the day will be the meal, just kidding. It is a great point of interest and this year it will be Tex-Mex. For those that want to bring a side dish, please feel free to bring something that goes with it.

Our first demo will be Jerald Nickels doing a rise and fall for the slip joint folder. As you know, he does a great job of this and makes a very nice folder.

Our second demo in the morning will be by Roy Miller doing a slotted guard for a hidden tang knife. As you know, the fit of the guard on a knife is usually the first thing a customer will look at. If there is a gap, they will usually lay it down and move on.

The third demo will be after lunch by Jerry Lairson. He will be forging a small knife and will donate it to the Iron in the Hat.

The Iron in the Hat drawings will be after Jerry’s demo. Others are encouraged to bring something for the Iron in the Hat drawings. This is how we support help support our shop tours. It also gives many a chance to win something for a small donation.

Tandy Leather may be there and may not. Roy hasn’t heard back from them as of this time.

I will be bringing my latest knife show display case. For those of you that display your knives and are concerned about children getting cut and knives that grow legs at shows, this may be something you may want to build. It is pretty simple, of course, since I thought of it, and increases display room on your table. Some shows have a limit on the height of objects on your table so that may need to be addressed.

As usual, we encourage tail gate sales and if you want, bring a works in progress to show others how you may be doing things or to ask questions.

If there is some one that would like some 15n20 or round bar (52100 and 5160), please let me know ahead of time. It will make it easier to make sure you can get what you need.

There may also be a discussion about how to build gas forges. A few have expressed an interest in this information and there should be several at the meeting that can answer their questions.

Looking forward to seeing every one again and if you can, please let me know if you plan on attending. Also, if you plan on bringing a side dish, please let me know that too. This does make it easier to plan for the meal.

Email me at or call me at 918-207-8076, which is my cell phone.

Ray Kirk
KGA Sec/Treas
A chance of success exists when you try,
Failure is a sure thing when you quit.lly invited down to ours.