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I just got an e-mail from Stabber (Ricky) that Indian George (George Rebello) recently died. IG was quite active here several years ago and hosted the "Meet Wayne Coe Hammer-in" at his home in New Bedford, Mas. He was a great guy and a real dog lover. He has several knives shown in the national magazines.
Though I didn't see him often we kept in touch and he will be missed.
Awww Bummer - IG had been contributing to a "homemade black powder" on one of the reloading forums. He had LOTS of good info on knives as well as guns.

Rest in Peace IG
Breaks my heart to hear that. I have been trying to track him down for months since I returned. It’d been like three years since we spoke. And it was like the world swallowed him.

Rest in peace, my brother. :( Ride the skies of the universe on that old Indian. And tell Helen that fatso and nanc say hello.

Thanks so much for letting us know, Wayne! It’s well worth the tears to know.
Thanks for Posting this, Wayne
A lot of Great Times at his Hammer ins. One of which I had the pleasure of meeting You
Indian George sure will be Missed ! Prayers for IG & His Family !! Picture 22074.jpg
It is aad to hear this, is got my first forge from him years ago when I was in highschool, and had hoped to get back in touch at some point, but he definitely had a big impact on getting me started.