I just ordered Little Machine shop's mini mill


I have a friend with one. Works nicely for guards. He just added a power feed and a spindle DRO, can't wait to see how they work. I believe that the solid column version as you ordered is the best one to have.

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Yeah I have had a couple of the harbor freight mills, and one mill drill combo and I think the solid column Is the way to go as well I owned one that had a tilting column for several years and every time you tried to make a cut of any size the head would jump around the solid column on this one is supposed to be reinforced IE weighs more never really saw a reason for tilting column any way I have a tilting vise if need be.

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Cant wait for it to get in, ordered this model http://littlemachineshop.com/products/product_view.php?ProductID=4288&category=1387807683
Hope it makes those guards a lot easier. Does anyone else have one of these?

Bama, (feels weird calling someone else that, as that was my nickname the entire time I was in the Marines)...., any way...

It was quite a bit of a coinky dink that you just ordered one , as I am planning one the exact same one, and just got done looking at it right before I came here! Did you get the one that angles side to side or the rigid column? I want the rigid column, but that is another $50.00!!!! I wonder why it cost more, when they themselves say the rigid column is better, unless your needs are that you would need to make angled cuts, personally it would be a waste for me, as I ca barely. Make a decent cut for a guard, which IS my entire reason for buying one, the added benefits are just gravy for me! Not to mention all the cool experiments I can do! Who knows I might come up with the next coolest feature I knife maker could want to add to heir knives!!! IT COULD HAPPEN!!!!!!!! OK, MAYBE NOT PROBABLE, but lesser people that had a lot tenacity have done great things, I could slip up and do the same!

Do you know how to use a mill, now? Meaning had classes in High School, like so many on here have had, which such a thing down my way wasn't offered. Or, are you going to use my technique? It's kinda like, FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT Tech! I have had one before, but it was a POS and highly NOT ADVISED, buying one from Harbor Freight, unless you already are a Machinist and CAN take it all the way apart and shim it properly to get it within decent tolerances, which in the hands of some of the Masters, they can make it into a pretty good machine. The Little Machine Shop is a almost a gift! They have all the educational material you can think of, AND if you have questions, they generally have all the answers. Right now I'm between buying the Mill, or a new bow, the bow was winning..., but since I cant make up my mind on the right bow I can afford, I have decided on this Mill! Not saying I won't take a look around, spending a thousand bucks makes me itch...and kinda nauseated.....once it's done, nothing left but excitement! But I have to know that I have done my best to make sure I am not only getting a good deal, but the right one.
Good luck on yours, I know you will enjoy it, BTW, Always check with Enco, before buying stuff like end mills, collets, etc, they tend to have pretty good prices, and different levels of quality to choose from, looking forward to hearing about its arrival, Rex

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I bought one back in 2011, but mine does not have the solid column. Here is the thread with some good info:


The solid column will add needed rigidity to the machine. I ended up completely tearing mine down and lapping ways and shimming to get everything right, but it has been a great machine. I got the same little vise you did with the tooling package. That tooling package is a great start and has pretty much everything you will need. I recommend taking that rotating base out from under the vise, unless you plan on using that feature. It adds more space to an already very short Z axis. I think the most drill I can get in mine is about 1/4". I also just added digital readouts to mine from the sake of ease of use. The dials are readable and work like they should, but you will drive yourself crazy running hole patterns. I got the readout set off of ebay for like $70 total, and it was the best money I have spent on it.


Plans are in the works right now to convert the whole machine to CNC. I've been making all the needed mounting pieces, and I'll be ordering ball screws and ball nuts in a few weeks, and then in another month or so the stepper motors and control. I'm going all out with mine :)

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I have a Grizzly model one. I love it ! fir what little work I do with it I think it's just the coolest thing. I'm sure you will like yours !


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Sorry I just found the thread again yes mine has the solid frame it cost more because the frame is thicker its a heavier machine , I love it if your like me and don't have a place for a Bridgeport it works great. And yes I went to a community college right out of high school to be a machinist didn't end up in that field but learned to use a mill and a lathe it was in 1989,1990 so the cnc boom was just starting. And lastly my nickname Bama came from the Texans I live around now when I go back home everyone calls me by my last name lol.

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Have you had a chance to use it for knife making applications, and how do you like it? I have one of these on my wishlist and would appreciate your observations on this machine. I have no machinists experience so how user friendly do you think this particular machine is for a beginner willing to go through the learning curve?