I didn't see this one coming...


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I never know where a customer is going to lead me. In this case, my sister-in-law wanted this pink knife so her husband wouldn't take it from her like he did the last tactical she got from me. I usually don't buff G-10, but it polished up nicely.

Model XIII Tactical
PINK G-10 with white and black fiber liners.

I am not a fan of pink, but that looks nice. I CAN totally understand her ordering it in pink, so her hubby wouldn't steal it. It IS a great looking knife. I LOVE the design.
Pinks not for me but no doubt that is a great lookin knife.
I love g10 too ....that stuff really cleans up nice.
thanks for all the encouragement everyone! i can say this here, but i really just don't know about things like colors and what looks good together.

yeah, shank....it's my first PINK g-10. i usually sand the finish, but i buffed it...i guess cuz it was pink and man....it did come out nice even though it's PINK!

i sent my inlaw the link and she's real happy.

thanks guys and ladies!