Hunter and EDC fire sale.


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Okay, so no fire, just smokin' prices.:D

Knife #1 is a 4 inch hunter with a .170 thick forged Cru Forge V blade, 60Rc with a mustard "raindrop"patina, stablized amboyna burl scales with ss Corbys. Treestump pouch sheath. $150 shipped to CONUS.

Knife #2 is a 3.75 inch spear point EDC made from forged 115W8/1.2442 aka Hitachi Blue steel's German cousin.61Rc with a mustard "raindrop patina", green canvas Micarta scales and ss Corbys. Treestump oouch sheath. $135 shipped to CONUS.

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You don’t have to be an outdoorsman, a bushcrafter or hunter, or even a regular camper to find these everyday carry (EDC) items useful. Keep them handy because you’ll never know when or where trouble strikes. And let’s face it, everyone needs a good pair of socks.