How would you do it ? New Knife needs a new sheath

As I mentioned in my intro, I have been blessed with 8 kids. When the oldest was 11 we wanted to start him on the road to manhood (not something that is really a focus any more in America). So, we threw him a right of passage party. At the time I was learning how to make knives from Vince, and he & I conceived a plan to have him make a knife for Luke for the right of passage.

Since then #'s 2, 3 & soon 4 have all received camp knifes for their right of passage.
To be fair I also got a beautiful Evans made skinning knife from my wife for my 40th...
But ... well jealousy even gets the best of preachers sometimes. I'm afraid I kept looking at my kids big camp knifes & I wanted a big one too!

This last week I got a big package... and am now the proud owner of a beautiful BIG knife. Now Vince always makes sheaths to go with his knives, but the preacher in me got me... I have a man in the community who I am wanting to build a relationship with who is great at leather working. I have seen his belts & wallets, etc. (no sheaths though) So I bought the knife w/o a sheath... I have made 4 or 5 sheaths in the past, but nothing this big.

Now I am looking at the big beauty & starting to wonder just how do I want the sheath to look? This knife will be for back woods hiking, and I want the sheath to be practical too. I know I want the knife on my off side, left hand - blade facing forward. With my... um... "extra inches" in the way, I don't want the knife to ride high... probably need the handle to be belt high at most.

Here's the 1st set of questions: I think I would like to have the blade at an angle. But with the handle having to sit that low, and a knife that big, is it possible? With a high rise sheath it would be easy to attach the belt loop at an angle. With a littler knife I have made it work, but I am worried that a knife this big / heavy will twist it down with a high loose loop.

So have any of you made working sheaths for big knives with a forward lean?
Any great wisdom or advise?

Thanks in advance. God Bless,
Dogman, it sounds like you are a busy man, 8 kids! :what!: :biggrin: That was meant as a funny, they say the good Lord, created us in his own image, so I figure the that the good Lord must also have a sense of humor!!

Hey the "right of passage" thing, great idea and you are correct. Quote, (not something that is really a focus any more in America) every child be they man or woman needs to understand that concept!!!

I am just a part timer at best but I have always found the knife inspires the sheath. Maybe if you posted a pic of the knife, then some suggestions would come your way!!
A picture of the knife would be very helpful. Have you considered a sheath that would hold the knife horizontally as opposed to vertical? A sheath can even be made to hold the knife either way so that you can develop a preference. I personally like large knives held horizontally on my belt behind my back. ymmv.
I wish I had more to offer in the way of sheath-making advice, but I'm still pretty green myself (and pics would definitely help). However, as for your local leather-worker, I would probably begin the relationship with the leather-worker starting now. I would at least start asking him questions to show that you value his input- explaining your specific concerns you mentioned here. It might depend on the person, but I like to give people a chance to help me. That used to run against my pride, but sometimes by not making our needs known to others, we rob them of the chance to bless us (which would in turn bless them). You said you haven't seen any sheaths made by him, but is that because he has never made any? Maybe he has, and would be very able to address some of your concerns. It would be hard to beat the advice of the guys on this board (I have benefitted greatly from their experience and willingness to help). But after posting pics of your knife here for further advice, I would pray for and move forward with beginning your relationship with the leather-worker. ...just my $.02 worth.
Besides, I'm waiting to see how this moves forward as I too have a large knife I'm trying to conceive a sheath for, and would be anxious to see what you come up with.
God Bless,
HI guys, thanks for the input.

So I think I've got a couple photos ready here. Not great art work, please forgive the quality of the photos... didn't really have the time to set it up / play it out.




I don't think I want to go for a horizontal sheath with this project. My knives are 90% users. Being realistic I don't think I will wear it across my back if / when / where I hike. On my back right pocket is normally a S&W 66. This thing is wide enough that the two would be fighting for space. Then when one of the packs is on I think they would clash also.

Bill H. - My buddy & I had lunch and talked about the project the other day. He is just now getting interested in knives, and so this is a new challenge for him as well. But you are right, it is good to value their wisdom... he is especially excited to help design the tooling as that is his "gifting". He is actually looking for a camp / bush-craft knife right now. We are talking about trying to come down to the hammer-in just to see the sights.

So there are the pictures guys... What are your thoughts? Would it work to put the loop from the balance point (right to the sharp side of the guard) with a forward cant?

God Bless,
OH & C Craft - yes God has a sense of humor, look at the duck billed platapus! Then He gave me 8 kids! Busy? OH yeah...

God Bless,
Here's a shot of 5 Paul Long custom knife sheaths for inspiration that another poster put on this site some time ago. I especially like the single strap over the guard as opposed to a strap that wraps around the entire knife. Also notice the use of studs instead of snaps, something I would also recommend.

For the style knife you have shown in the photo, I would definitely recommend a sheath similar to the sheaths in the photos above. (The style, and not necessarily the inlays , overlays, and other decorative trim). I have made hundreds of them and they all have seemed to work fine.

For the style knife you have shown in the photo, I would definitely recommend a sheath similar to the sheaths in the photos above. (The style, and not necessarily the inlays , overlays, and other decorative trim). I have made hundreds of them and they all have seemed to work fine.


There you have it...If Mr. Long says this is the style sheath you should have, you can take that to the bank! And Paul, I just recently purchased all three of your DVD's and have to say that without them I would be years behind the learning curve when it comes to making a passable knife sheath. I feel as though I've spent several hours sitting with you in your shop as you work. You have my sincerest gratitude for making these tutorials. I hope this post finds you in good health. God bless you sir!
OK so after seeing the pic this was the first thing to pop into my mind a Mexican Style sheath. Check out this Goggle search!

IMO it would look good with the knife and there are options there for a strap and it can be done so that the holder stays on the belt and when you want to sit you merely slide the sheath and knife out of the belt loop/frog and you sit with out having to undo the belt. When you get ready to go slide it back into the frog and off you go!!