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I did a course with https://www.owenbush.co.uk/ and produced these two knives (using his damascus on the chef knife and simple carbon steel for the test knife.

I LOVED it. I work from home running a business making Minecraft maps on the xbox store, and got to a point where I have some passive income and can take some risks. Also my market is becoming saturated so I'm diversifying as quick as I can to have other revenue options so I don't need to go to a darn office ever again. I'm sure you've heard it all before.. Noobie plans to make knives and make a living.. But for me... if I can make some lovely Christmas presents on my weekends, and maybe top up my earnings a little I'll be very happy as I find knife making so stress reducing and amazing.

I tend to go full hog on anything I chuck my tunnel visioned passions at and I want to give it a really good go. Any help and advice you guys can give would be great, (although I've trawled these forums a LOt and watched pretty much every knife making video possible on youube so obviously now think I can run before I walk lol.

Anyway lovely to be here, and I hope I can produce some nice pics of knives at some point.


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Oh and some actual bio info. I'm a Brit. 43 years old. So although I work in games I'm pretty darn well into the mid life crisis ;) (or maybe the former has something to do with that as well)