Hello from Southeast Wisconsin


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I'm Eric Buhlmann from Hartland, WI. New guy, only made four blades so far--three stock removals and one forged--and really enjoy the entire process. The generosity of knowledge and experiences shared amongst knifemakers is nothing short of remarkable. My goal is to get up to speed enough to be able to contribute to that knowledge base myself. It's humbling to see the craftsmanship and creativity so many makers have on display, and it is a driving force that inspires me to see what I may be capable of putting out there over time. Here's what I've made to date (one knife was sacrificed to see heat treat grain structure):

First Knife:
1st blade 1.jpg

First Forged:
1st Forged 1.jpg

Last Knife & First Kydex sheath:
FAL Prize 1.jpg

I'm learning a lot on each one, and try something different on each one. My first I tried a single bevel Kiridashi-style blade out of a 4" piece of 1075. I messed the single-bevel up, so it wears an awkward and uneven secondary bevel. It's still a handy little shop knife and fantastic box opener. Second one is my first forged knife and I made it way too thin as I tried to flatten forging marks out with the intent of not doing much grinding. That was a fail, so I practiced my freehand grinding and keep that one out of the sight of anyone....until now. Third one is one I made as a prize table knife for the Kentucky FAL Match this year. Handle is Beech from an Israeli FAL stock and I fabbed up faux FAL locking shoulders as the center pin. Turned out pretty okay, and my best blade so far but I have a long ways to go.

I'm always open to critiques and suggestions, and of course I'll post more as I make them. Anyways, that's my intro so if you are still reading this "thank you"!



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Thank you very much! I'm pretty particular and a harsh critic of myself. I'm also painfully slow as a result. I'm always in awe at how some guys can crank blades out, but I know speed & efficiencies will come with time & experience.