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my name is Honza, Im from Czech Republic and I think that I can say that Im a knifemaker :)

I was nuts into knives since small boy, and after decades of my enthusiasm I have decided to channel it into something usefull. And I have started to make my own custom folding knives. I have spent roughly two years designing, protyping, failing, fixin and honing my current prototypes and just as this month ends I started first production batch of knives that I will sent out on the market.

I really hope that you like me desings and if you have any(I mean it) questions or remarks, Im here and listening. Since debating and talking about knives is something that I really like to do.

Have a nice day.

p.s. Hope its ok to post my ig profile as well.



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Welcome to KD! Nice looking folder! That lock is interesting, is it a shark lock (demko design), super lock (scnecx design), or something different you came up with on your own?
Its no Shark lock, though the top "fin" is simmilar. I designed it on my own but I would be lying if I were telling its completely new lock invention without outside influence. The lock itself Is inspired by both super lock from snecxs and crossbar lock mostly known as axis lock.

Currently I have no public photos of the inner mechanics since this is the only way how to protect my sollution. Knifemaking is my hobby and not the way of making money so I dont want to invest into any pattern protection and maybe Its not even possible since I think that I havent invented anything completely original.