Has anybody noticed the balisong market latley?


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I know Bali songs are not as popular as I like them to be, but I visit several knife places, and I see allot of discontinued and out of stock items. I am really hoping for the next benchmade, kimura, spyderco. Something new and something people like, in weight, flipping and materials. Am I hoping to much? Or is the comterfeit market destroying the balisong market? Like to hear other peoples thoughts on this.


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It is illegal to import Balis or bali parts into the US so that has knocked back some, of the import counterfits but they are still everywhere.

The high end production and custom balis are doing well. The less than $50 or $100 production market gets verbally criticized hard by the small but exceptionally vocal bali community. Still they sell. Bali's are not legal in many states and that doesn't help their popularity.

Bigger companies can get better ROI on making folders and selling those vs. Bali's. They can get a folding knife into most any store. They can't get a bali into nearly any store. It's pure economics for them so most of the big production companies have discontinued making bali's.

The market for bali's is small. It's hard to say if it's growing or not. I think it is growing slowly. A bali owner almost always has more than one. Bali collectors are more active and enthusiastic than many types of knife collectors.

I personally use one for my EDC.


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I have only been collecting since 2008. It was a tough time since most knives were being phased out, as BossDog mentioned, in lieu of folders. I was fighting against the wave of fans from the movie, Kick Ass, while trying to get my hands on anything. When I was looking, the Channel 4x were already $300. Basilisk was just discontinued, and Terry Guinn and Balibalistic had closed their books for new goodies. More and more people are still getting into flipping. I see them around on Instagram, Jerzee Devil and YouTube. The flippers have adopted the Alpha Beast and Replicant, though some still stick to their 42 weeHawks and 51s.

The current knives that are available:

Benchmade 51 and 32 Morpho
Morpho Modded Flytanium (awesome titanium scales for the 51 and 32)
Benchmade Model 62, 63, and 67 (Stainless sandwich Balisongs with D2 blades)
Bear Ops Balisongs
Alpha Beast by Bladerunnersystems
Replicant by Bladerunnersystems
Jerry Hom is making a new Balisong that should be released, also (maker of the legendary Basilisk)

Outside of that, the customs are being made. I'm not into the super elite customs by Korth, Dobruski and others. However, people like Matt Cook, Chuck Gedraitis, Sam Eddleman, Darrel Ralph, and David Santiago are making some great pieces.

All I know is that the demand is still hot and the prices keep rising. The 42 Spring latch is running in the $500s and other rarer ones like the 43 and 47 are through the roof.

Anyways, try a Flytanium. I have two of the 51s and two of the 32s. They're pretty darn amazing.