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Justin Presson

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Do I need to polish this out more? It looks pretty cool as it is but seems like most I see the bottom hardened part of the blade is shinny?


Good, thats what I figured but thought I would throw it out there, I'm still learning the mythical property's of the hamon . I left it as is as I'm really liking it.
Thanks Frank!!!

Daniel, I hand sanded it to 800 grit then washed it super good with dawn soap then while it was still damp dipped it into ferric chloride 4:1 ratio just for a few seconds then took it out and lightly rubbed it with a make up pad then back into the FC for another 20 to 30 seconds pulled it out and rubbed again, I did this several times until I got the look I wanted.
Neutralized it and oiled it up with just some w-d40. With the coat of oil still on it I put some of the green liquid flitz on it and took a new makeup pad and started rubbing in the flitz focusing mainly on the lower half of the hamon. I then cleaned off by spraying it down with wd-40 again and repeated buffing it with the flitz and went over everything.

I hope that all makes sense.

I used Ryan W. Knives post from bladefourms as a guide.
Looks great. I'll hopefully be making my first attempt at a hamon this weekend. Did you dip the entire blade and tang in ferric or just the blade?

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