Greetings from heart of europe.



Dear friends,
My name is Vašek Skopek and I am a czech craftsman and bushcraft enthusiast. The SHOK is my own sign, I have chosen an ant as my symbol as he has admirable characteristics which can be compared to the knife of high quality.

My knives are made especially for use in the wild nature so they are not shiny and glossy, because I really like the rough design. I take care of the quality at the first place when I make the knife. It means ergonomy and useful properties, the top design is not my priority.

I like reusing old good steel like train and truck springs, old files, saw blades and tools in the spirit of recycling and caring for the environment.

All my pruducts are made with hand tools only, no CNC machines or computer designing.


SHOK H 206.jpgSHOK S 201 front.jpgSHOK-H-163.jpgSHOK-S-205.jpgSHOK-B-186-2.jpg



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Nice work! I have wondered how bamboo would work for looks very nice.

Welcome to KD!

Thank you. Bamboo really it's not much good wood to handles, it twists. Only stabilized, but bamboo it's pretty tough for stabilization.
New piece of sharp steel.
[FONT=&quot]I made this knife in the spirit - the simplest is the best.[/FONT]