First timer to the forum, glad to be here! Here's my latest.


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Hi all,

Been forging nine months now, read a lot of books, did a lot of googling and utterly obsessed over forging sharp steel. Here's my tenth knife, finished it up last week for a friend.

I got given an anvil last year and decided to try and make something on it, my friend loaned me all the tools he owned and taught me the basics on how to use them (He repairs coffee machines so he has a lot of tools) From there I built my workbench and eventually a small smithy, today I got to pay him back with my tenth knife.

It's a 13 inch gyuto in en42j (managed to get a hairy hamon which surprised me!) Handle is bog oak, wrought iron from a 15th century London barge and a pine cone I cast in resin with nickel spacers. Saya is bog oak.
Hamon didn't come out the way I expected, but then I don't think it ever will and I'm ok with that






Thanks for looking!