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OK, this is my first every folder to build from scratch. I designed knife with AutoCAD, checking rotation of blade/backspring to be sure everything worked. Printed to paper, glued paper to metal, cut metal out.... then the next few hours with a rise-fall indicator getting tang & backspring fitting.

The liner/bolster are milled from a single piece of 416SS. Blade and backspring are Sandvik 14C28N (I like that stuff - Thanks Calvin). Heat treated and tempered per Sandvik's HT'ing info with -5ºF freezer. I wound up with Rc about 59 for the blade. Handle is Mammoth Ivory. I got the nail nick a bit too far from tip, and I didn't have the right tool for a nice "curved" bottom of nick.

Sorry the photos aren't any better, sure need a light box. Knife is a bit "beat up" as the wife nailed it first off and has been carrying in her purse for a while. Lord at the stuff it's banged around with.




Comments, suggestions for next slipjoint are more than welcome - that's how I learn.

Ken H>
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Looking good Ken,for your first.
There is obviously a hidden pin under the scales. Are those pins or screws holding the scale material on?
You better start another one for your wife if you want this one back.:biggrin:
Yep, there is a hidden pin for the backspring under the scales. I wound up with hole just too close to the edge to put pin thru scales without cracking. Those are domed pins holding the scales on. I put domes on pins, then peened from inside of liner, then smoothed the peened pin. The liner has a small countersink on inside for pins to have holding ability. Not tight, just to get slack out, didn't wish to crack mammoth scales.

I've got one started now - but I sold one of the wife's chef knifes a couple weeks ago. A contractor who was doing a bit of work saw the knife, wanted to buy it. I priced it a bit more than I expected him to pay - he took it. Wife said "That's ok, just make me another..... AND DON'T SELL IT!!"

Thank you Calvin for all your help. The rest of KD's have no idea how helpful they've been - I've been reading MUCH over the last yr or so and have learned so much. Still with LOTS more to learn.

Ken H>
Look's good Ken, Keep up the good work.

I have a Lanny's Clip I started about a month ago on my bench and have not had a chance to get back to yet. Hopefully I'll be able to spend some time on it this weekend.

Thanks for encouraging words folks. I hope to have next one complete in a couple of weeks. Got to finish wife's chef knife as I work on slip joint.

Very nice first effort. I like your idea of the pins and how you did them. I've done a few with a hidden spring pin as well.

Welcome to the slipjoint club.
That looks very good for a first. Someday I might try to make a slipjoint. (for now I'll stick to liner locks). Dan
Ken as you have seen that being able to layout your design on your software before building it helps build a bit of confidence that your design is workable. Keep up the good work. Dan
Now I wonder, whats next?
Oh, I know, I'll be coming to YOU for lessons!

Ok, I'll attempt to be serious for a second,
Absolutely AWESOME. JOB!
Its beautiful in every way!
I'd been away from this thread a while and not checked back so didn't realize folks had posted after my last.

Thanks folks, and especially you Rex - you know how much of a novice I was when first started. I got the wife's chef complete, and just finished a couple more folders. See next thread.

Ken H>