First attempt 1095 need advice

Black cat

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Hello happy people :D
Im working on a new blade from 1095. Its a chopper/bush knife.
The blade is 14.5 inches OAL 21.5 inches.
I have an evenheat oven but all I can track down is canola for the quench.
Im following Cashens heat treat instructions.
I do overheat when I grind so would like to anneal first.

- What would be optimal rockwell hardness for a 1095 blade this size and intended use ?

- I would like to do a nice hamon. How would I go about this with 1095 do I need thermal clay of some sort ?

- Can this be done with canola ?

Any thoughts tips or advice for this steel would help a lot thanks and Merry Christmas!

Scott Davidson

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Hello friend, i use a good bit of 1095 for hoof knives that i make for trimming horses hooves. I am by no means professional with it. I dont do hamons on the hoof knives. I heat to 1500 degrees and quench in parks 50 fast quench. I draw 2 times at 375 for two hours, and end up with a rockwell hardness of 59 - 60. However i dont chop with this. I just cut. You would probably want to back off on the hardness some so that it wont chip out. I never used canola oil. As far as the clay you can use chimney sweep furnace cement from like home depot or lowes for making the hamon. I hope this helps a little. Scott