Feather and buckeye fantastic knife.


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A Fantastic feather blade and a stabilized Buckeye Burl Handle.
Specs are on the picture. Comes with a 8-9 0unce sheath.
Got about 30 hours in this one.
My rockwell usually comes out at 57-61 Takes a good edge.
both 1080 and 15n20 are good knife steels.
Made with 18 layers then turned 90 degrees and then 18 more layers.
Handle is finished with Formbys Tung oil about 25 coats.
Any questions, ask away.
$200. plus $18.00 shipping.

What do you think>
Make me an offer.

Note This knife has a guard and butt cap also.

Check the new price,. You will never get a better price on a feather Damascus Knife.
buckeye burl.jpg
TJ Smith

buckeye burl.jpgbuckeye burl.jpg
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I’m new to this site and am very interested in it, but I’m uncertain as to how I might obtain it. Thank you.
wow you really expect to get a hand forged,made in America, feather Damascus knife for less than 200$?
i feel for you bud never to have a decent knifeWow.
TJ Smith
Sorry it's hard to tell how old some of these kids are. I couildn't knowingly sell him a knife anyway.
Trying to get the point accross never to settle for a EL Cheapo knife. Save your coins ,put it on layaway, or make your own. If your allowed to browse the forums and make comments you should be old enough to make your own knife. have your dad or peers give you a hand.
i belong to a group that has a workshop once a a week . There are some youngsters that come and make some pretty fine knives.
I'm 75 so I should be allowed some latitude.
Small shop if I can Help with anything let me know.
TJ Smith