Customer made my day.

Justin Presson

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I posted that drop point I just finished on a hunting forum I frequent and a guy I sold a knife to last month posted this comment.

"I've been giving mine a workout in the kitchen and couldn't be happier with it. It cuts even better than it looks. :cheers:"

Makes all the hours put into that knife all worth it. First time I have had any feedback on one I sold, since most have been hunting knives and season just started around here.
Really made my day. He wants 2 more too
What's great about that feedback is that he is completely objective. Sure, your wife or brother in law says a knife is great, but you never really know until someone like your customer says it. Congrats.
That kind of feedback is great! It really makes you feel you did it right!

I had a customer that ordered a knife for his Grandson. When I got it finished I told him that if his Grandson was not well versed in using a knife he might want to hang on to this one for a while as it had a scary sharp edge, "please be extra careful". When he got it in the mail he called me and wanted to know how I had sharpened the knife as, "that may be the sharpest knife I have ever seen"!
I told you, I said and then explained in detail how I sharpened it and how to bring the edge back up, when it dulled down some!
I second the WIP on sharpening steps!
Like Chevytruckin said, my family thinks i make the best knives ever. I just got up the nerve to post my newest in the newbie section to get a more objective critique.