CPM M4 and sheep horn hunter



This knife was made as a special request from 5/32 inch CPM M4, polished sheep horn with stainless bolsters and pins. It has a 4 inch flat ground blade and is hand polished. The next one is going to cost a lot more than this one did. The next stop will be Jim Small for some engraving and then Coop for some pictures.

Here is the sheep horn hunter we posted a few weeks ago. It has now been dressed up a little by Jim Small.

Charlie used this hunter to clean and bone out a nine point white tail this past Saturday and it is none the worse for the wear. No it did not need to be re-sharpened. :D

That is one sweet looking knife Harry. Looks like your usual excellent workmanship. Great job.
Thanks for the comments guys. Charlie says this one is a keeper. We'll just have to see how long he can hold out.