closing in on 10,000 members

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We are closing in on 10,000 members...
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It shouldn't take us long to top that. We will continue to stay focused tightly only on knife related forums and stick with our current rules of "G" rated, friendly, no drama and a professional atmosphere. We won't be making any claims about being the best. Forums are different things to different people and we don't expect to meet everyone's needs. To some we might be the best, to others we might not be. I understand that. We will just try and be the best we can with the model we have in place.

If you have a web site, blog or Facebook or some other presence on the, please give us a link and plug. We appreciate your support.

Thanks for visiting and posting here on KnifeDogs.



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It's kinda hard to believe that just the other day we only had a few hundred members (ok, it seems like just the other day).

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Franklin, it depends on what type of script you run... hit me up and let me know where you are posting it and I'll set you up.


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928 how do you get the link in blue at the bottom of your reply were it says blog/ernies stencils?

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Go to Edit Signature, Write the words that you want to have appear, highlight the words, hit the link button and type in the address that you want the user to be forwarded to when clicking you link.

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I said it before, I'll say it again. knifedogs are the best!And I'm proud to be one!

X10000000 :) KD is the best!! It seems like such a short time ago we hit 1000. Time fly's when your havin fun! :) Congrats Tracy, and to all the Dogs.. God Bless YA and thanks for making this place so great!


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Congrats, I am really happy with this Knife Site.

Years ago I was at the "Other" Knife forum and with the hard attitude of the owner & the hard attitudes of the some of the players, I gave the knife internet stuff a rest for a few years.
Then I found knife dogs and instantly thought! YEP! With my Canine sidekick I defiantly belong here!
I also really enjoy the G rated atmosphere. It took me a few weeks to tone it down cause I was use to the vulgarities on the other site.

Its great to know that people frequently have there small children looking with them and that these youngsters are able to learn, Laugh and see the Doggie pictures and fun we have here in a wholesome environment
Great work on this site Boss Dog! :s11798::s11798::s11798:
ConGrats on getting up to 10.000 members. Soon it will be twice that!