Christmas Present from Owl

Kevin Zito

Wow! Owl, you nailed it!!! 3 amazing DIW blocks, a Blackwood block, and 4 sets of scales (2 presentation grade DIW and 2 micarta). He topped it all off with a VERY NICE center scribe. I love the design, and hat the one that I currently use. This is truly a super useful set of gifts that I can’t wait to put in action. The wood is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you very much Owl! Merry Christmas!FF5868C3-9D9A-4CC9-AA65-50F35F57E89E.jpegC6DAB87B-BC41-4A0B-A59B-CC8758D9EB55.jpeg

PS thank you Dennis for putting all of this together! You continue to make knifedogs the great community that it is!!