Central Texas Knifemaker's Club/Group/Association?

Travis Fry

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I've noticed that there are quite a few of us makers that live in what might loosely be defined as Central Texas. Any interest in forming a more formal network, maybe having get togethers of some sort, hammer ins, shows, or whatever it is that knifemaker groups do? I'll post this inquiry elsewhere too, and if there seems to be enough interest I'll work on getting something going.
Travis, check out Texas Knifemakers & Collectors Association

They have a show each year in Round Rock (right around the corner from you)
March 27-28 2010 at the Williamson Conference Center.

In addition, Johnny Stout hosts a Hammer In twice a year in the spring and Fall at his place in New Braunfels (Guadalupe Forge)

Both events are advertised in Blade Magazine on the "Show Calendar" page at least three months before they take place.


I've checked them out, and as far as I can tell TKCA doesn't really do much besides that show. I'm considering joining them, but want more info about the benefits of joining. I'll definitely go to their show, though. Johnny Stout's hammer ins are legendary, but also cost more than I can afford, even though I doubt they cost more than the expense of hosting them. I'm interested in something simpler, more social, more frequent, and geared around learning and sharing skills and stories. I'd like to have something that is designed to get local knifemakers together face to face. Right now I've got more of an idea than a plan, and am just gauging interest for now.
Travis I posted on the other forum too but I will not be to far from you in Crowley and I know there is another living in Burleson that would probably join in on the fun too. I think Tracy is letting knife clubs have a free subforum here, maybe he would let us set up one.
Just give me a time and date if it is within 1-2 hr drive I'm in I don't have much to teach but unlimited amount to learn. I have met up with a few Makers that live close buy and learned from each how to do things different seems every knifemaker does things their own way.
I have talked to Tracy and he is going to make us a little Central Texas Knifemaker forum where we can post any hammer ins or other info that any of us wants to share. If yall do not like that idea let me know and I will tell Tracy.