Boot Knife



This boot knife is a special request from a Navy man that has found himself in Afghanistan. It is made of CPM S30V and has a 4 inch clip point blade 1/8 inch thick. The handle is made of 1/4 inch black linen micarta and with a tapered tang for a slim handle. It has stainless bolts and thong hole liner. Although we had reservations about making the sheath because it was hot formed to my leg, it is surprisingly comfortable to wear. We hope he likes it.

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We save straps from where ever we can find them. We haven't found a good supply yet of the type nylon we like to use. When making sheaths for our combat knives we like to make the belt loop from really stiff nylon and the only place we have been able to get it is by buying a nylon pistol belt made by Uncle Mike's and splitting it. It is made of two layers of the nylon. We are still looking for a good supply.
hopfuly the navy man well not NEED it, if its leave a boomber down and a navyman comes home a DAMN GOOD KNIFE!!
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