Blade Polishing Question


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I'm working on a few Axis Lock folders, and am struggling with getting the right satin finish to my blades. I create my bevels before heat-treat with 120 grit. Then I clean up my bevels and plunge cuts after heat treat with 180, 220, 320, and polish with 500 and 600 grit. I alternate between grits by hand sanding to make sure I get all of the scratch marks out. I've used surface conditioning belts in the past, but never completely satisfied with the results. Sometimes they leave the blade looking streaky. On my last blade I ended with a 600 grit Deer Belt, which look OK but still looks streaky, though not as bad as the scotchbrite belt. It's one of those situations where I'm not completely satisfied, but my better judgement says not to risk ruining the blade. I've used gator belts in the bast, but end up with similar streaky finishes at 500 grit. I've actually had more success hand sanding at the higher grits, with i hate. Any suggestions? I get the belt sequence, but struggle with the right belt for the higher grits. Thanks.