A G Russell Show Aug 7/30 - 8/1


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Any KCKA members going? I'm not setting up at the show but I do plan to go. Let me know if you setting up and I'll stop by and say hello.


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I'm not KCKA but I'll be set up at the show. It would be cool if you guys could coax good ol' Andy Garrett out of his cave and get him to come hang out with us.


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The A.G. Russell Knife Event

Steve Culver

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Dagger for Russell Show

I just finished this dagger. It will be on my table at the AG Russell Show. It's not for sale though. I am giving it to one of my daughters as a birthday present. Her birthday is Sunday, August 1st. She is coming to the show, so that's when I will I'll tell her that the knife is hers.

Blade Steel: 1084 & 15N20 Damascus in Wolf Tooth Pattern
Handle Material: Mosaic Abalone
Fittings Material: Hot caustic blued mild steel
Blade Length: 11 1/4""
Overall Length: 16 1/4"
Engraved by maker.

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