A few more new ones...

J. Neilson

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OK, I'm keeping busy, no doubt.

Here is a new one, a salute to the Bagwell Fighter done in cable damascus with and antiqued finished guard and spacer with a handle of Lacy She-oak

This is a new variation of my GAK Fighter with an antiqued 5160 blade, lightly blued guard and threaded pommel with a Desert Ironwood Burl handle similar to my Trinity Fighter design.

This is another of my "Feather" design S-B knives with an antiqued 52100 blade and black G-10.

Here is one of my Mississippi Bowies with a W2 blade and wrought iron hardware. The handle is Sambar stag with a "jellyroll" throat.

Here is more Sambar stag on a Skinner with a blade, guard and threaded pommel or my 52100/1095 ball-bearing damascus steel.

This was a request for a knife similar to one seen in the "Legend of the Falls" movie... antiqued 1095 blade with a stag fork and raw hide wraps.

I hope you like these....... more to come!

Dennis Morland

Pictures like this is why I started attempting to make knives. My knives still look like prison shivs compared to these works of art.

The Mississippi bowie is just fantastic.

You sir, are a very talented man.

Please keep posting up pictures so that I remain inspired.



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Do you ever sleep? I'm amazed and impressed at your output and it's all first rate. That being said, you must be incredibly wealthy...mind if I borrow the Rolls tonight? Seriously, i always look forward to seeing your work. Thanks for showing us.
John Emmerling


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J, They all look great ! this one jumps out at me screaming "BUY ME!!!" Then the screaming is drowned out by the laughter of my wallet.:31:

Dave Broughton

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I love the top knife especially the guard. I've been wanting to make some like that but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I still don't know the best way to curl the metal forward like that or the metal to use......