A Couple Just Out the Door for Chad Cunningham


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These two I'm happy with. I do love that the ends of the XO stamp comes out in a nice heart at the tip of the sheath. Some meander stamps will do the same. It really pays to study the masters to see these nifty little things. :)

The back, I came up with this type of belt loop a few years ago, but probably been done before, most stuff has.

Showing the knife, Love the handle

This knife, I have found an all time favorite from Chad so far. So much so when I can gather the money or afford to trade I am getting one in either A2 or 52-100. This thing feels so right in my hand.

And the back showing the profile of the knife. This will be an EDC when I get it.

Onward and forward before I obsess more about that knife and make a poor business decision! :p

C Craft

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As usual stunning leather work there leatherman! Two thumbs up! Chad the blades are sweet!