A Christmas present for my wife

Calvin Robinson

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I rigged up an anodizer and have been experimenting with it.
Of course to experiment I had to make something to anodize.
So I made this cross pendant for my wife and anodized it with this color scheme.
I made the nickel silver ring for a chain to go through,drilled and tapped the titanium 0-80 and attached the ring with a 0-80 screw. This is .110" thick and about 1" at its widest deminsion.
I'm realy happy with it. What do y'all think?


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The colors came out great! Anodizing looks like lots of fun.
I am sure your wife will love her gift.

Calvin Robinson

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I am having fun learning to anodize.
I'll show y'all my set up in shoptalk when I get time.
Thanks to Ed Caffery for giving me a lot of good advice and KenH for helping me find a source for the power supply.


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WOW!!! Calvin - you sure got the colors to come out looking GREAT! Anodizing might have to be on my 2014 "to do" list:)

Ken H>