3V Ronin tanto with my first saya


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Hey guys, so I just finished up this 9.5" tanto. This model version I call my Ronin Tanto, I know others use the name also. But it makes sense for my me, my processes and style.
I have been making this model for over a year now, and I think I finally have the designed tweaked just right. The blade is .280" CPM 3V with my high performance HT. The guard is 6al4v titanium and the seppa and menuki are copper. The wrap is epoxy soaked and rockj solid.

On this one I wanted to try something I had yet to try and that is a ridged saya. Or at least my version of one. Joe's awesome thread on his Mirabile tanto finally bumped me over the edge. Thanks for the push buddy! Check out that thread if you haven't, David is an amazing maker that I draw inspiration from a lot.

I used tero tuf for the body of it and solid copper for the kurigata. I wrapped it with hemp cord that is epoxy soaked to match the tsuka. It was quite time consuming getting a nice fit, but I am very pleased with it. I think on the next one I will try covering it in carbon fiber.

Let me know your thoughts.

Nice snug fit