18th c. Gentlemans Belt Knife Sheaths


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I finally got around to making the silver mounted sheath for the last belt knife, plus an extra simpler leather sheath slotted for a belt. The throat is 20ga sterling silver with a brass sash hook. The hook is silver brazed to the throat, and has a reinforcement 3/32" steel pin in the base that goes through the throat. The throat is silver brazed together in the center back side with a butt joint, and is glued to the center seam sheath. All hand sewn with linen thread. I believe 6 ply. Both sheaths were from 6 to 7oz vege-tan. The cross hatch and borders on the simple sheath were cut in using a stitching groover and a straight edge, in 1/4" spacing. I also very lightly aged the knife steel. Hope you enjoy a look.