stabilized wood

  1. Mike Martinez

    Insane Figure Scales (stabilized)

    All wood is professionally stabilized and guaranteed to be thoroughly saturated evenly. Every piece is sanded to 100+ grit and lightly sprayed with finish to show you the possibilities. In the unlikely event that you aren't happy with the wood, I will exchange or replace the piece so that you...
  2. Mike Martinez

    For Sale - Everything Else Shaving Kit

    Up for grabs is a Double Edge Razor and 24mm Boar Knot Shaving Brush. Both are made from stabilized lace maple burl and finished with CA. The razor will accept any DE Blades and is the screw head type. They are brand new, never used (I turn on the lathe when knives feel like becoming a "job.")...
  3. Wood Stabilizer

    Stabilized Wood Clearance!

    We're clearing out all our old inventory, so stop by the Clearance section on our website for some great deals on stabilized knife scales and blocks! We'll be adding new items daily until all our old stock is gone! (and we have lots of it) Hope to see you...
  4. HHH Knives

    Wicked cool Damascus sharp finger.

    HHH Sharp finger! HHH Knives is proud to offer this handmade custom knife for your consideration. OAL, 7 1/2 inches HHH Damascus 3 1/2 from tip to handle. 3/16+ full tang, convex ground blade. Handles are Emerald green stabilized birch burl. Theres alot of rays and movement.. Pics just cant...