1. Perryknifeworks

    Protech TR-2.63 Skull Tactical Response Automatic Knife (Damascus)

    This is a very limited edition run Protech TR-2.63 knife featuring a Bruce Shaw designed solid sterling silver skull that is set into the gray anodized aluminum handle. The Chad Nichols Blackout Damascus spear point blade is deployed with the push of the mosaic firing button. This knife, like...
  2. Perryknifeworks

    Protech Custom TR-2 Skull P.K. Splash Automatic Knife (Damascus)

    The Protech Skull Damascus TR-2 is a one-of-a-kind knife with a custom Peter Kellet Splash anodized handle that includes an inset Bruce Shaw designed sterling silver skull. The Chad Nichols Damascus blade is deployed with a push of the mosaic pin firing button. This knife, like all Protech...