1. CJKnives

    2 Walnut Handled Nessmuks

    Been working on these 2 walnut and leather Nessmuk SHKs. One with copper guard, spacers and pin and the other with nickel silver guard and pins with a copper, brass and nickel silver spacer. I love the looks of walnut and enjoy working with it. I just think it looks very classic. Let me...
  2. mosto

    Honey Maple Nessmuk

    This a classical nessmuk. I wanted to do one of this like the Sears suggestions, my way obviously. This knife has a blade made in O2 carbon steel, about 110mm (4.3") long, 4mm (.157") thick. As the thickness and the convex to zero grind are suggesting that this nessie will support also...
  3. mosto

    Pale Maple Nessmuk

    This is the nessmuk that I love best. It is made from luthiery grade striped maple that we use for tops in guitars, violins and basses. I think it is a great workhorse or a great utility knife. It is a great cutter can do a lot of task, from food processing to camp activities in a flash.And...