1. R

    Three Sets of Sambar Stag Scales, Bookmatched, 4.4"+ x 1.25" x .350"+

    Each of these sets of scales was cut from the same roll. They are bookmatched so the color on the surface matches AND the color of the dentine will match also. All three are exhibition grade. The width on all the sets is 1.25"+ Lengths and thicknesses as shown in the pics. Minimal to NO pith...
  2. R

    Sambar Stag Scales cut from a Single Roll 4.910" x 1.250" x .375+"

    4.910" x 1.250" x .375+" Something you don't get to see very often. A pair of Sambar Stag Scales cut from a single roll. The set of scales is what is for sale. (not the third piece in the pics) These are Exhibition Grade Scales and very hard to find. Not only that, but they...
  3. R

    Mammoth Bark Scale Set

    One outstanding set of Siberian mammoth bark scales. Out of the ground for at least 2 years. I cut these today and this pair is book-matched Flaws in Mammoth Bark are natural, normal, and many times, desired. The key is knowing they are there so even the flaws can be incorporated into the...
  4. R

    4-1/4" x 1-1/2" x 1/4" Pre-Ban Elephant Ivory Scales, Other Sizes Available

    Some really pretty ivory here. Pre-Ban elephant ivory scales. 4-1/4" x 1-1/2" x 1/4" $135 per pair. I am showing the photos of this one pair, but can cut as many as you would like in this size. The material is clean, dry and cut correctly without any flaws. If you would like other sizes cut...
  5. Jarrettknives

    Grand Opening (Forum) Sale - “Ancient Safari”**Sold**

    “Ancient Safari” This is a style of knife that I make for sale in several specialty shops in the ski and tourist areas here in Colorado. It’s the “Ancient Safari” which refers to the fact that it is made from ancient Mammoth Ivory Bark as well as pre-ban Elephant Ivory Bark. Since you see...