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    Detailed drawings of knives. CAD.

    Saw no interest..... removed. Regards
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    Love this knife.(CMB MADE KNIVES)

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    Best American Made pocket knife 2021

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  5. loneronin

    Italian Army multitool folding knife

    I made a video about my Italian Army multitool knife (full review). its features are: straight, plain edge; sheep foot point; can opener; flat screwdriver; marlin spike; lanyard ring; bakelite handle scales; carbon steel; spring retention system. more info in the video.
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    Folders can be are utilitarian tools that can fit any budget. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself occasionally with pieces like these collectible folding knives. As one collector I met at Blade last year quipped, “My wife likes my folder collection because it takes up much less...
  7. Copperfield

    Сheers from Moscow

    Hello, my name is Vladimir. I worked in the knife industry and interested in any blades. I like communicating with knife makers and gaining experience. I haven't done my knife yet, but I will definitely do it! Thanks
  8. L

    Microtech MTX2 S30-V Rare Early Production Pocket Knife EDC $800 O.B.O.

    Microtech MTX2 S30-V Rare Early Production 11/2004 Serial#1027 Folding Knife Details The Microtech MTX2 is a true D/A knife in that the blade can be opened both manually with a thumb stud; or by activating the secret bolster release. The Microtech MTX2 with a partially serrated Satin finish...
  9. J

    "Big Jake" Damascus Hunter

    Big Jake Here is my most recent knife. This will be a great companion on the upcoming hunts this year! Steel: Damascus 1095 high carbon steel and 15N20 high carbon steel with 2% Nickel RC Rating: 58-59 Weight: 7.26 oz Scales: Stabilized Ironwood OAL: 9 3/4 inches Blade: 5 inches...